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United Way Video

This company's United Way campaign, of which the video was only part, is the proverbial “perfect storm” of ideas coming together for maximum impact. To learn more about the entire campaign, see the Case History.

The purpose of the video was to introduce the campaign and encourage employees to contribute to United Way or a 501c3 of the contributor’s choice. The project presented several hurdles, some self-imposed*:


  • Use pre-recorded video snippets (65 minutes of total film) of employees working in various volunteer (Habitat for Humanity, etc.) capacities, most of which were not in any way affiliated with United Way of the Twin Cities
  • Tie in that year’s United Way theme, “Everyone Counts” to something distinctly related to the company—in this case, the slogan “Power of One”*
  • Integrate the mission of United Way, underscore the need for help in various forms, explain and demonstrate how the monies are used and the result*
  • Tie the video in with the greater themes of the campaign visually and verbally*


The first challenge was the most difficult and that was weaving a script for United Way around footage unrelated to United Way that was shot months earlier. The key tie was the concept of “giving back.” You can view the whole script here. We have substituted the word “employee” for actual employee names to protect their privacy. This is only a portion of an 18-minute promotional video. To see the whole video, please contact After Five Marketing.

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