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Trade Promotion

The messaging and materials used to market to a professional audience are considerably different than those used to market to consumers. After Five Marketing has extensive background in the development of award-winning, technical collateral including brochures, spec sheets, manuals, presentations, catalogs as well as salesperson samples, demo kits, etc. Moreover, we have extensive experience developing channel marketing promotional programs to help “push” products. Samples of this work can be found on the website.

Yet, one of our core competencies is trade sales promotions—often supported by the collateral mentioned above. By definition, a trade sales promotion is a direct inducement or incentive to the sales force, the distributor, or a trade channel member with the primary objective of creating an immediate sale. Yet, the same principle can apply to encouraging action of most any kind—as opposed to communications disciplines like publicity and advertising which are typically considered long term, and focus primarily on “think” and “do” dimensions.

Trade or channel promotions focus on stimulating “action.” For example, the new product introduction case study on this site shows a promotion that was designed to obtain the attention and endorsement of internal sales personnel for a new product introduced into an otherwise languishing product line. Further, it induced them to start presenting the product to customers which led to unexpected sales and success. By design, the residual benefit (after the inducement was removed) was to enjoyed ingrained product knowledge and a habit presenting the product during sales calls—and it worked.  

To learn a little more about trade sales promotions (a part of channel management), click here. To see actual examples of work in the area, please contact us.

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