After Five Marketing

Story Telling

The Difference

After Five Marketing’s strength has always been bringing a creative flair to anything we have been asked to market…from toilets, to hydraulic pumps and motors, to whirlpool baths, to sophisticated electronics. Today, creativity and the depth of the story woven around a product or service is simply critical. Here’s why...

The traditional marketing variables (4Ps) which companies often manipulate to gain advantage include product, price, place (distribution) and promotion. With today’s technology, it is challenging for companies to market a product with differences that can sustain a competitive advantage for very long. The advent of computers and sophisticated design and production software have reduced the duration of product differences—granted patents can help.

More and more, prices are being driven to a point of commonality. The same is true of distribution strategies. This leaves “promotion” and it still allows a solid avenue of differentiation. The latter is where our strength comes into play. We use brand strategy and promotion to “create” that difference in customers’ and prospects’ minds—something that distinguishes the offering from that of the competition. It can be as simple as a selling package or a headline that perhaps creates an “ah huh” moment. It is often about “story telling” and who can do it best. We can bring this same talent to marketing products. Given a product or service's marketing house (the other 3 Ps) is in order, we can help you weave a strong story around your product which is difficult for competitors to copy or assail.

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