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Sales Training Video

Sales Training Departments are always looking for unique and creative ways to “spice” up product and sales training material. They are also interested in actively engaging their audiences. In this case, the Training Department of a global manufacturer came prepared with a video concept. All they needed was a little help with the script writing and someone to produce they came to After Five Marketing.

After Five worked with BusyBoy Productions in Minneapolis to produce a 10-minute market segment* training video. The concept was for the video to both prompt recognition of a sales scenario and then provide the ideal solution. In between the “set up” and “solution,” portions of the video, workshop attendees would be broken into small groups. Each group would come up with a solution to the scenario, based on material previously covered in class. After capturing the solution in their respective groups, the workshop leader would resume the video, which (in turn) would reveal the ideal solution. In this manner, the video covered subjects like need determination, handling price objections, etc.

The video was successful in engaging the audience, prompting questions and discussion and otherwise reinforcing the sales material covered in the class.

 *A small medical practice


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