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Sometimes the word “process” conjures negative connotations like the stifling of creativity or inflexibility. At After Five Marketing, we think of processes as a way to save clients money and a means to yield solid results. Processes prevent reinventing the wheel and they deter shortcuts that could prove costly. Granted, we value creativity as you can see. Further, we will move with all possible speed and make logical assumptions when time is of the essence.


Whether you need a simple press release or a complete campaign, we always start the process by understanding your brand strategy. We try to understand how your brand is perceived today and what the company’s aspirations are for it tomorrow. We may ask you about your positioning statement, which is the cornerstone of any communications plan. We will definitely ask about value propositions and the key messages that have grown out of them. Just a little information about your brand can help color our words and imagery appropriately so our work is consistent with your marketing direction, and so it contributes rather than detracts from your brand’s equity. In fact, we have opinions on the brand strategy process as well and will be glad to discuss them personally. For now, let it suffice to say we think the brand is paramount.

Product/Service Life Cycle

We will also talk to you about what Stage Gate your product or service offering may be and/or where it may be in the product life cycle. At certain times during a product's life, for example, it makes sense to examine the types and amount of promotional power you are putting behind it. In fact, while there is some overlap, marketers typically employ certain strategies at certain points to maximize impact. One of the slides in the overview below hints at some of these strategies.

Marketing Plans

Ideally, we prefer to align our marketing communications plans and other work with a marketing plan. Sometimes it is not possible or the plan is in flux or in process. Regardless, our goal is to make sure our work is in harmony with your goals and strategies as a means to help reinforce your brand and direction. Once we have gathered background and done our homework, we can move on to the deliverables.

Communications Plans…Creative Briefs

We employ the standard processes you would expect from any marketing agency in terms of building communications plans. For external communications plans, we key off your marketing plan. The plan we develop will consist of measurable objectives using the typical hierarchy (awareness, knowledge…) and it will treat the concepts of “think,” “feel,” and “do.” Our internal plans use many of the same objectives but they will key off your plans for building a performance culture, and/or your marketing plan because there should be synergy between internal and external plans.
Creative briefs (which are essential) grow out of our understanding of your brand strategy and the communications plan.

Now, if your needs are very simple, we also have processes for developing newsletters, brochures, blog copy, press releases, YouTube video descriptions and much more. Processes can save time, money and prevent mistakes. Typically, they also produce excellent work—so we believe in them and apply them whenever possible. We have attached some representations of the tools we use here.
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