After Five Marketing

Oracle & SAP Deployments

After Five Marketing has and continues to be involved with global SAP® and Oracle® enterprise software deployment communications. Oracle and SAP deployments fall within the domain of internal communications. Yet, the communications objectives, strategies and tactics associated with them can go well beyond the typical communications norm to include proficiency with new software, facility with new processes, new part number codifications, and any number of “changes” that can disrupt business…sometimes in deleterious ways. The primary business goal is to minimize disruptions—especially in a tight economy. Depending on your product category, agreements, and other criteria, it can be too easy for customers to turn to competitors during a transition. Therefore, it is best to take extreme measures to inform, train and elicit cooperation and endorsement from employees and other concerned stakeholders.

We have included some exhibits here that show basic tools we use to uncover the various target audiences and the best means of reaching them—one of the most interesting challenges in Oracle or SAP deployments. While there is some published research in this area, it is somewhat general. We have also included some collateral examples related to the various deployments in which we were engaged.

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