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Lead Program Video

One of the greatest challenges faced by marketers is getting sales personnel to follow up on leads generated by new or traditional media. The lack of follow up is often due to leads not being adequately qualifiedor qualified in any fashion. Thus, following up on them can be frustrating and a waste of otherwise productive time.

Further, leads can come from several different sources, in different formats. They are not always stored in the same place at the corporation, nor accessible by the same software.

So, what happens when one combines the traditional problem of lead follow up, with a change in the technical buying process that makes lead follow up even more critical to getting sales? You have the challenge faced by a global manufacturer of power generation equipment.

Fortunately, the company has some innovative and progressive thinking when it comes to social media and the weband they also have Oracle® and the Siebel® customer relationships module (CRM) which is similar to®  

What the company wanted to do, in a creative way was:

  • Explain the change in the technical buying process
  • Demonstrate how the web is a key part of the change
  • Promote a sophisticated new lead management program that performed much of the qualification work automatically
  • Gain the interest of key sales personnel and prompt them to engage with the new lead management program

The answer was a video contained on a custom flash drive. The video would be part of a package that included a set of FAQs and the means by which to sign up and engage with the new lead management program and Siebel.

The video clip is only a portion of a 20-minute promotional video and package which launched the program in North America. To learn more, see the Case History.

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