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Internal Marketing

Did you know there is a 10-year study that shows that companies who intentionally "manage their cultures" well, outperform similar organizations that do not?
  • Revenue increased 682% vs. 166%
  • Stock price increased 901% vs. 74%
  • Net income increased 756% vs. 1%
  • Job growth increased 282% vs. 36%

Several other studies support the same conclusion; there is a direct correlation between corporate culture and financial performance.

Whether you call the means of managing your culture internal communications, internal branding or internal marketing, (they are all interrelated) there is no doubt that employees can be a company's best brand ambassadors. The goal is to build a performance culture. Performance cultures are marked by a compelling company mission, a vision, shared organizational values, a sense of direction and purpose, and engaged and motivated employees. The latter can be difficult to accomplish in trying economic times--and it won't happen overnight.

Internal Marketing is a long-term strategy designed to create a deep, genuine connection with employees. It encompasses more than communications to include a culture of encouragement, training and recognition. Its role is to create a culture in which brand promises are kept. Its other purpose is to yield a culture where employees, whose passion for what they do, erases the boundaries of service. They no longer think about their jobs as a specific set of tasks. Instead their work involves whatever it takes to contribute to the well being of the company. Ultimately, the value of internal marketing relates to satisfied customers.

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