After Five Marketing

Core Competencies

After Five Marketing is a small shop but we are confident we can provide you with quality work and outcomes in a few areas. Some of these areas are covered here. Yet, we would also like to point you to our campaign work which is covered in the Case Histories section and to our Trade Promotion tab which covers our work in channel marketing.

Internal Communications is one of our core competencies...and it really covers a lot of ground, or is integral to other disciplines like Internal Marketing. Therefore, we have broken it up into some areas which are more specialized like M&A Communications. Some of our work in this area is also confidential and cannot be shared publically. It concerns manufacturing and operational changes that affect employees and customers which we capture as Change Management.

We also cover communications work associated with Oracle & SAP deployments, both domestically and internationally. Typically, the adoption of new enterprise software falls under Change Management similar to operational changes...but we treat it separately here.

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