After Five Marketing

Change Management

Change Management can refer to the strategies, tools and structures corporations may use to help facilitate change and stakeholder acceptance of those changes. One of After Five Marketing’s assignments was to develop and deploy communications to help distributors in China, Singapore and Latin America transition to interfacing with different manufacturing/service facilities. Moreover, After Five was involved in several of these transitions including those in Latin America, China and Singapore. The primary goal of the communications plan was to minimize any business disruption that could affect sales, service levels, manufacturing schedules and other forms of productivity.

A key element of the plan was a Customer Transition Kit containing printed and electronic information in various languages. The kits included a customized folder with stitched-in pages, a CD and free-standing enclosures. The type of information provided included implementation schedules, preparatory measures, new product codes and pricing, product migration strategies, PowerPoint shows for downstream use, key contacts, etc.

The Change Management efforts described above were sophisticated but the duration of the related plan and program was relatively short. Yet, After Five Marketing has also supported long-term types of “change programs” for customers including Supply Chain Transformation and infrastructure changes brought about by acquisitions and efforts to reduce complexity and duplication. Elements of these programs are exhibited here
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