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Welcome to After Five Marketing

After Five Marketing, LLC was formally incorporated in 2007 as a marketing communications consulting firm. Yet, its humble origins actually started earlier when a friend and small business owner needed a simple brochure to acquaint current customers and prospects with his service portfolio and value proposition.  I recognized a potential need for small businesses (and later, larger businesses) to have inexpensive access to simple marketing and communication services like brand strategy, copywriting and desktop publishing. Yet other firms needed more complex marketing strategy development and execution talent—skills I learned by working at consumer marketing innovators like Kohler Company and Marvin Windows & Doors...and industrial B2B brand leaders like Eaton Hydraulics and Eaton Cutler Hammer.

Though employed at the time, I initially sought opportunities to provide writing and desktop publishing expertise after hours—hence “After Five.” This foray into “self-employment” led to work with former employers and indirectly to other companies (3M, Cummins Power Generation, Engineered Plastics (formerly UFE, Inc.) that needed extra help but also desired to keep headcount down.

The foundation of our company, however, rests on the art and science of the writing, whether promotional or technical in nature. The imagery found on each page hearkens back to this common element found in all of the work shown on this site.

Today, After Five Marketing offers a range of services with the help of like-minded design, production, voice and video production talent. Our client contacts are based around the globe. Yet, technology allows us to work together easily, no matter where you are when the sun comes up. We are interested in how we can help you grow your business and enhance your brand. Be sure to look at our case studies as well as a portfolio of past work. Here is a list of the type of writing, marketing, planning and execution services After Five Marketing provides:

  • Technical Writing
  • Speech Writing
  • Web/Blog/Mobile Writing
  • Script Writing
  • Press Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Internal Communications
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Merger and Acquisition Communications
  • Change Management Communications
  • Internal Marketing
  • Trade Promotion
  • Sales Promotion
  • Oracle Communications
  • SAP Communications
  • New Product Launch (NPD) Communications
  • Training Video Development and Production
  • Charitable Giving Video Development and Production
  • Lead Management System Communications
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